According to the organisation Mental Health UK, 16% of jail and prison inmates are estimated to have a dual diagnosis.There are no figures available for people in Irish prisons with a dual diagnosis nor are there services available to people with a dual diagnosis. Consequences for society and the person themselves is great. Providing just separate mental health and addiction services is costly. Costs rise even higher when these persons recycle through healthcare and criminal justice systems again and again. Without the establishment of more integrated treatment programs, the cycle of treatment, then prison, then offence then prison, then treatment will continue.

Below is an estimated figure of prisoners in Ireland with a Dual Diagnosis. The cost of keeping people with a dual diagnosis incarcerated for 1 year is estimated at over €200 million. This excludes the cost to society of repeated crime and the impact on the victims of this crime.

Committals to prison in 2008
Irish Prison Service Annual Report 2008
% Of people in prison estimated to have Dual Diagnosis
National Co morbidity Survey Mental health UK
Number of people in prison with a Dual Diagnosis
Calculated Figure
Average cost of providing a prison space in 2008
Irish Prison Service Annual Report 2008
Cost of  providing prison space for one year for people with a dual diagnosis.
€92,717 x 2169€201,103, 173
Calculated figure

(Irish Prison Service) (2008), (Mental health uk) (2009)

So in one year alone over €200 million is being wasted. Far more than the cost of providing an effective dual diagnosis service.