TV Documentary

TV Documentary, The Moment of Truth

After 10 long years of misery, with numerous treatments in residential addiction rehabs, Valerie Farragher had attempted to kill herself. She believed her family would be better off without her. Later, in Mayo hospital A&E, Valerie’s 18 year old daughter Louise screamed at hospital staff that this time they had to see a psychiatrist.
After those 10 long years of misery for Valerie, her husband and their five children, it turned out the major reason why Valerie could not stay off alcohol was postnatal depression. Because seeing a psychiatrist finally led to effective treatment, Valerie is now leading a happy and fulfilling life. She also helps other people to successfully recover from addiction because she knows the hell and darkness of dual diagnosis when you have both an addiction and a mental health problem.
Now Valerie and her family are going public because they want to stop other families suffering the way they did.

Valerie told her emotional and inspirational story on

RTE 1 in a 30 minute The Moment of Truth programme after the watershed on Sunday the 1st  December 2013


If you missed the programme you can now watch it in two parts on youtube. Click here