About Us

In February 2008, we decided to set up a not for profit organisation aimed at raising the awareness of the lack of services for the many many people with both a mental health problem such as depression and addiction issues. We are aware of  and work with other campaigners in the mental health sector, trying to improve services. We are founding members of Mental Health Reform  and members of the Alcohol Health Alliance.

There is no other organisation focused purely on trying to improve services for people with a dual diagnosis.

Since then we have

  • Set up this website,
  • Run an advertising  campaign
  • Set up a mailing list to communicate with people working or interested in this area
  • Completed numerous media briefings in press,radio and TV
  • Helped people who have difficulties trying to find the right service
  • Supported researchers in this area
  • Run or spoken at events for people working in this area
  • Participated  in political campaigns
  • Made submissions to government departments.

Our aims are quite simple.

We passionately want people with a mental health and addiction problem  to get the right kind of treatment at the first time of asking.

As soon as this aim has been achieved DDI will dissolve.Though as you will see from people’s personal stories this is unlikely to happen soon.

We believe we are having a definite impact as the term”dual diagnosis” is now becoming much more well known and the HSE were  developing a clinical programme for Dual Diagnosis.

Every thing we do is led by volunteers, we have no paid employees or overheads. Most of our expenses have been paid out of our own pockets, though recently we have started receiving donations from people we have helped or have been impressed with the work we do.

All our costs relate directly to our aims.  No bills can be paid unless 2 signatories have authorised the payment.  In an average year our total costs are no more than €500.

For more information  on the founders of Dual Diagnosis Ireland, please click here.

To see our annual accounts  and reports click here.